Need For Mobile Law

Considering that lot of development of Mobile markets and their frequent adoption is taking place in the world, it is but natural to expect that countries with large mobile usage would contribute to a large extent in terms of first movers, to the growth of Mobile Law. Clearly this trend has been vindicated by the stands taken by the relevant governments of the relevant countries. As time is passing by, the need for treating mobiles as a separate distinct category in themselves has emerged. People are pretty unanimous that mobiles are a category unto themselves and that though the mobiles qualify as computers and computer systems, there is a need for distinct legislations to deal with mobiles, mobile devices, communication devices as also mobile platforms, data and information connected therewith.

Mobile Law is the new law of the coming decade. In this field of discipline, various complicated and complex legal issues will continue to arise. These issues will relates not just to the production, manufactures, sale, marketing, distribution and related activities pertaining to mobile handsets and mobile devices as also mobile platforms, but would also incorporate therein, all issues pertaining to data and information in the electronic form that is resident on these mobile devices or is transmitted, sent or received, preserved or retained in the said Mobile devices and mobile platforms. In this scenario, it is but natural that the mobile industry would need the enabling support of legislative and legal frameworks. These frameworks are critical to further give a boost to the constantly growing graph of growth, prosperity and adoption of mobiles and mobile devices amongst the population.

Mobile law as a legal discipline, is applicable throughout the world. Different countries have adopted different rules, regulations and notifications as also laws which have an impact upon legal issues pertaining to mobiles. A majority of these legislations are drafted in indirect manners well there are very few direct legislations pertaining to Mobile Law.